5 Tips To Keep Your Carpets Clean This Winter

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Winter is full of fun activities and opportunities to spend time with your family and friends.  There can also be a lot of new things added to your to-do list this time of year, and in addition to all that, more worries about dirt and stains on your floors.


With all the added moisture and dirt that can be tracked in during cooler months, carpets can end up looking worn and dirty.  Luckily, Chem-Dry is here to help with carpet cleaning in Mansfield, TX.


Enjoy all that the winter season has to offer, and leave your floors in the hands of our team here at Cowgirl Chem-Dry.  In between our visits, here are a few pro tips to keep your carpets looking their best.


#1 – Vacuum carpets weekly—or more if you can!


It may sound simple, but vacuuming carpets on a regular basis makes all the difference!  When you vacuum you can keep dirt, dust, and allergens at bay.  It also helps remove particles that wear down carpet fibers.


#2 – Be aware of tracking dirt inside. 


Be careful about what you track in!  An easy way to reduce carpet staining is to place mats at the entryways of your home and remove your shoes before walking on the carpet.


#3 – Utilize doormats and rugs. 


Doormats and rugs at entrances or other high-traffic areas can help protect your carpets.


#4 – Treat stains as soon as possible. 


Stains are much less likely to become permanent when they are treated quickly.  Try and clean them as soon as they happen for the best results.


#5 – Be sure to schedule routine carpet cleaning. 


It is so important to get your carpets professionally cleaned if you want to maintain their original beauty.  Try to have them cleaned at least once a year, or in between each session as needed.


Carpet Cleaning In Mansfield, TX


Trust Cowgirl Chem-Dry to clean and care for your carpets this winter season and all year. 


Schedule your free estimate for carpet cleaning in Mansfield today!


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